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About Marketplace

Expiration and Renewal

The new Marketplace implements an expiration and renewal system:

  • Each listing is publicly available for one week.
  • After one week, the listing will be renewable (making it available for another week) but not public. These listings will appear only on the original seller’s profile.
  • After two weeks without renewal, the listing automatically expires. Expired listings are not public and cannot be renewed. These listings will appear only on the original seller’s profile.

Starred Listings

The starring mechanism allows users to keep track of arbitrary listings, much like a shopping cart. This operation does not require a user account. Starred listings generally persist until the browser is closed or cookies are cleared.


The Marketplace offers both a simple search bar that appears at the top of most pages and an advanced search page also accessible from the simple search bar. Advanced search allows users to find listings by specific keywords, categories, sellers, prices, dates, and more. Users may also subscribe to an advanced search as an Atom feed.

User Accounts

User Accounts guarantee that Marketplace listings are posted by members of the University community and that those members are held accountable for offensive or inappropriate material. As such, users must create an account using their University email address (,, or before posting a listing. Other members of the community are welcome to browse and even create accounts, but cannot post listings at this time. If you have a University ID (cNetID, UCHAD, etc.) but no University email address, email the moderators with your ID and full name, and a moderator will help you set up an account. To reiterate: If you do not have a University ID, then you are not eligible to post listings.

Help and Feedback

If you have any concerns, criticisms, or complaints about the new design, you may contact the moderators, developers, and maintainers directly by sending an email to the Marketplace List. This list is private, and your message will not be published.


The Marketplace was developed by two students, Sean Clemmer and Paul Kaplan with the support of Student Government. The source code is freely available on GitHub under a three-clause BSD license.